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We Help You Buy Floors, Remove Old Floors, and Install New Floors!

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Austin Floor Store helps you find new floors, remove your old floors, and install your new floors! For quality assurance purposes, we only install floors bought from our stores. You will get all the help you need finding the perfect floors for each room of your house. Our flooring team have over 15 years of experience helping people upgrade their floors. Once you find the perfect floors for your house, we will also help with flooring installation. Before we install your new floors, we would love to help you remove your old floors. Austin’s Floor Store has three locations to shop flooring in Cedar Park, North Austin, and Pflugerville. We offer flooring services in and around the Austin, Texas and Cedar Park, Texas area. 

Because we are locally owned, we are able to build long-term relationships and understand the unique needs of our clients. We have over 100 years of combined flooring experience among our employees.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority

Customer satisfaction is our company's top priority. Whether you are looking for flooring that reflects your lifestyle or preferences, our wide selection and expert staff can help you find it. Our expert installers are available to complete installation in your home in an effective and efficient manner after the product has been selected.
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The Top Floor Store In the Austin Area. A professional flooring company that can turn your vision into a reality!

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Our flooring teams are full of flooring experts. At each floor store, you will get all the help and information you need to pick the best floors. If you purchase flooring from us, then we do have a team that can install them. *However, we only install floors purchased from out stores.







Austin Flooring Options

We can install carpet for a cozy feel or long-lasting hardwood floors for classic elegance. Flooring materials such as tile are timeless and durable. Other options include vinyl and laminate, are cost efficient, easy to care for, and easy to clean.

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Convenient Austin Floor Store Locations, Quality Brands, and Great Services

When it comes to flooring, Austin’s Floor Store has you covered! We specialize in helping our customers choose the best flooring option to fit their design, budget, and lifestyle. The last thing you want to do is fall in love with a carpet color, only to have it in your home for a year and find out it is not fit for your family and their active lifestyle.

We will help you map out the best flooring options, whether it is carpet, tile, laminate, hardwood, or vinyl. We have all of the flooring solutions in Austin to fit your needs!

Convenient Locations and Great Selection Whether you are looking for carpet, tile, vinyl, or hardwood flooring in Austin, we have the convenient locations to suit your needs. You can visit 1 of our 3 convenient locations within Austin and Cedar Park to check out the great selection of flooring. Our products offer lasting performance, great value, and beauty. Customer care is our top priority and our friendly staff is always happy to help you find the flooring that best suits you.

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Austin Floor Store Brands

When it comes to flooring, Austin’s Floor Store has you covered! We specialize in helping our customers choose the best flooring option to fit their design, budget, and lifestyle. Brands Including:

After you choose your flooring type or types, we can ease your installation troubles by offering expert installation services for you to take advantage of. Our expert installers make sure your carpet, vinyl, tile, or hardwood flooring is installed correctly and in a timely manner. Remember, Austin’s Floor Store always offers free estimates, so come on in and talk with one of our friendly representatives today!

Get Floor Financing Today!

Through our partnership with Synchrony Financial, we offer premium financing with a credit card program to our consumers. Online or in person, we can assist you with your application. Get Financing Now

With fast and easy financing, you can purchase your dream flooring whenever you want – whether it's the right time for your home or the right sale.

Although our financing options differ depending on our vendors, you can always expect at least 6 months interest-free for hard surface flooring and 12 months interest-free for carpet/soft surface flooring. Please ask us about special terms up to 36 months if we have long-term promotional terms. 

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Flooring Blog and Information

Need inspiration for your next home renovation project? Read our flooring blog to discover ideas, trends & inspiration that Flooring America has to offer.

If you don't have a solid gameplan in place, renovating your home can be overwhelming. As much as you may want to get started right away, it's crucial to spend time on the planning and preparation phase, which is where every renovation project begins. Your plan is like the foundation of your home: it supports everything else, so it must be solid. You should hire an experienced professional to help you execute your vision after identifying your top tasks and priorities - for example, whether you need permits, or how you plan to allocate your budget. In the long run, hiring a professional, such as an electrician, plumber, or flooring installer, ensures better safety, efficiency, and value.

Depending on the type of flooring being covered or removed, what it's being covered or replaced with, and the size of the affected area, flooring replacement timelines vary. With our professional carpet and flooring installation team, your home will be transformed in no time. Austin Floor Store works around your schedule. We make flooring installation convenient and stress-free. Ask Austin Floor Store about flooring installation services at a store near you if your home is ready for a makeover.

Yes! If you buy flooring from our stores, then we have a team that can install it for you. However, we DON'T install flooring purchased outside of our stores. 

What is the more expensive floor, laminate or vinyl?

For those on a budget, laminate and vinyl flooring are both great options; however, laminate floors tend to be more affordable than vinyl floors, especially luxury vinyl.

The style

Vinyl and laminate flooring have come a long way in terms of style! Vinyl used to get a bad rap, but these days there are many beautiful luxury vinyl flooring options available, and many brands of luxury vinyl floors are designed to resemble hardwood, stone, and tile. The embossed quality of laminate flooring makes it popular, and it is available in a variety of styles. In addition to having beautiful patterns, laminate floors are great for kitchens and entryways. Additionally, laminate flooring options are now able to resemble hardwood and stone floors convincingly.

A comfortable environment

If you are concerned about how your flooring feels on your bare feet, laminate may be for you. Since laminate flooring has a softer feel than vinyl, it cushions the foot more when walked on. Vinyl flooring is made from PVC, or plastic, while laminate flooring is made from resin and fiberboard.


Vinyl and laminate both have long-lasting, durable properties. Due to its plastic composition, vinyl flooring is waterproof. As a result, vinyl is a great choice for rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms that are prone to stains or leaks. With advancements in technology, many laminate flooring options are now water-resistant. Despite their higher prices, vinyl and luxury vinyl flooring are more durable and waterproof than many laminate options. In general, both options are great for busy families with high foot traffic.

Vinyl vs. laminate

Which is better, laminate or vinyl? Both are nice options. If you and your family are on a tight budget, laminate flooring is hard to beat! In general, vinyl flooring, especially luxury vinyl and luxury vinyl planks (LVP), is a better long-term investment. Both are great options for busy families who need durable, stylish, easy-to-clean floors.