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Austin Floor Store has hundreds of carpet florring options to upgrade your home

Carpet Stores In Austin, Texas​

Carpet showrooms in Austin, Texas, and Cedar Park, Texas. You can browse two flooring showrooms full of beautiful carpet samples. Yes, you can take the carpet flooring samples with you! If you can’t make it to our Austin Floor Store Showroom or Cedar Park Floor Store Showroom, then we are happy to mail them to you. Think back to all the times you were on carpet as a kid, teenager, or young adult. You might have been lucky and experienced some emphatically comfortable floors. Austin’s Floor Store thinks great carpeting is synonymous with comfort. Soft and cushy, flooring is popular in both residential and business settings these days. Whether you’re building a new home or replacing old flooring, carpeting can be a perfect choice for certain rooms. Plus, you can browse a wide selections of premium flooring brands at our floor stores.

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From Carpet Stairs To Carpet Rooms

We love helping people find the right floors for their home! Our flooring experts will save you time by helping you find the right floor style for each room. Austin's Floor Store will help you find new floors, remove old floors, and install brand new floors. However, you must purchase flooring from one of our stores for this deal!

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The Benefits Of Carpet

When it comes to choosing flooring for a room, you have many options at our floor stores. You might be weighing whether you want to use laminate or carpet in your living room, and or maybe you’re trying to decide if you’d rather use tile or carpet in your entryway. We usually don’t recommend carpeting your entire kitchen or bathroom. However, carpeting rooms or stairs can and will make your home look good. Consider the benefits of carpeting your rooms, which include:

  • affordability
  • easy care and maintenance
  • wide style availability
  • energy savings
  • sound muffling
  • safety for kids and pets
  • some stain resistance and
  • overall comfort

Carpet For Residential Homes and Commercial Buildings

Whether you own a single-family home or a commercial building, there’s always carpeting that will compliment your interior colors. Carpet offers excellent versatility in terms of complimenting your rooms too. Consider the many creative ways that carpeting can be used.
  • To create a formal feel in a sitting room, bedroom or dining room.
  • To provide cushioning for active kids in bedrooms and playrooms.
  • To add a pop of color to a monochromatic design scheme.
  • To provide sound cushioning in homes with noisy floors.
  • To highlight a business’s brand colors.

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Shopping for Carpet

The first step in shopping for new carpet is determining what grade of carpeting you should buy. This is important because carpet grade determines the overall durability of your flooring. Use this foot-traffic measuring tool to help you determine the grade of carpet you’ll need. Choosing carpeting that can handle wear and tear in your space is essential.

Once you’ve chosen the right grade of carpet, you can begin browsing for samples in a style and color that suit your personal style. There are a variety of general carpet styles available. You should decide what type of carpet you plan to buy either before you visit showrooms or early in the shopping process. Remember that pile is the term used for the fibers of yarn that make up a carpet.

  • Level loop carpeting is made from closed loops of fiber and is available in a wide variety of heights. Level loop carpet is good at hiding dirt and is excellent for high-traffic areas.
  • Pattern carpeting combines high-cut tufts of fiber with low loops to create a unique pattern. This type of fabric can add big visual appeal in a space and is great for hiding traffic patterns too.
  • Frieze carpets, often called ‘twists’, are made from twisted strands of yarn. They tend to have a very contemporary look. They don’t show vacuum marks or evidence of traffic the way other types of carpeting do.
  • Plush carpets are made from dense groupings of yarn. They are highly cushioned and are often equated with luxurious spaces.
  • Textured pile carpets feature yarns twisted and bent to different heights. This style of carpeting is great for minimizing the evidence of foot traffic. The texture in these designs can also help conceal dirt.

Talk to showroom staff about your carpeting needs. Experienced carpeting pros will help you choose a great style for your space. We’ll also schedule time to measure your home and determine exactly how much carpeting you’ll need to buy.

Once you’ve settled on an overall style of flooring, look for individual samples that you like. You can bring small carpeting swatches home to test them out in your space. Lay your samples down, and take a few days to determine which you like the best in your space. If you’re changing the color scheme in your home and are planning to repaint your walls, we recommend doing so at least one month before new carpeting is installed. Doing so helps ensure that paint is fully dried and there is no damage to your walls or your carpeting.

Shopping for carpet is easy at Austin’s Floor Store. No matter the style you’re looking for or the space you need to cover, we can help you find the perfect beautiful floors. Drop by our showroom, call us or contact us via chat to talk about your flooring needs. We pride ourselves on providing the best in products, installation and service to clients in Austin, Texas, and the surrounding communities.

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