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When is Carpeting the Right Choice for Your Home

When is Carpeting the Right Choice for Your Home

You’ve decided to start with the flooring for your home makeover project and so far, carpeting seems to be the best choice. But you’re not convinced.

With hardwood, tiles and laminate as the competition, what makes carpeting stand out as the main contender to grace your home’s floors?

Here are some reasons why carpeting might just be the best choice to give your humble abode that face lift!

The Many Appealing Traits of Carpets


Firstly – and most importantly –carpets are the most affordable choice when it comes to flooring. Made from different quality fabrics such as wool, nylon and polyester, carpets are often far less expensive than laminates. Carpets are also quite beneficial in terms of cutting costs. Because carpets provide extra insulation, this allows you to keep the heating low in your home during the winter months, which helps lower those heating bills.

Comfy Cozy

Carpets are gentle on your feet. A lot of people mainly choose carpets because they want something soft to walk on, even if it’s just in the house. This adds a sense of comfortable coziness to your home, which if you’re going for that theme, makes it easier to achieve. Flooring options like tiles and stone are quite hard and don’t lend that soft touch to your home aesthetic as carpeting would.

Peace and Quiet

A lot of apartment buildings have carpets installed because they keep the noise down. You don’t hear people’s footsteps (which is useful if there’s more than one person in the house), and that lends to the overall feeling of peace and comfort that one wants in their home.

Safe Padding

Especially useful if you have children in the house! Children and older adults are more prone to falling or tripping. Having carpets in your home would give them a soft padding to land on, especially if you have them installed with an underlay. So even if a person does fall, all they’d feel is a bump.

Wider Range of Designs

You have a certain range of black and brown hues for hardwoods, and a series of tile designs you could buy if your budget allows. But with carpeting, you have the creative license to pick any color, any design in any shade that you want, without going over the price. Creative freedom is a popular reason why people buy carpets for their homes, especially if they want to carpet all the rooms in the house.

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