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Taking Care from Your Hardwood Floors

Taking Care from Your Hardwood Floors

Caring for hardwood floors may seem intimidating to some, but the outcome – gorgeous, classic-style floors for years – is worth it. Here are some tips on preserving the look of your hardwood floors, courtesy of the experts at Austin’s Floor Store in Austin, TX!

Walk Lightly

You don’t need to enforce a no-shoes policy. But if possible, avoid wearing high heels on your wood floors. You don’t want to end up chipping or scratching your floors with the bottom of your heels. Keep shoes away from the floors and place mats at entrance points so that you don’t track any dirt or sand in. Otherwise you will damage your floor’s finishing.

Keep Your Cool

Hardwood floors require a certain temperature and level of humidity. Ideally, that temperature would be 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas the humidity level would be around 30-50 percent. Keeping your home at this temperature will ensure that the wood boards don’t gap or buckle. Though if there are any slight fluctuations, don’t worry. The conditions would have to change dramatically, and for a longer period for them to have any effect on the wood.

Be Gentle When Cleaning

A lot of liquids, soaps and paste waxes among other household produc

ts for floor cleaning use acidic ingredients such as tung oil, lemon, citrus or silicon. However, these ingredients can damage the finishing and quality of the wood. It’s much better to use gentle cleaning liquids, or even any homemade mixes to maintain your floor’s sheen.

Bring in the Dust Buster

Dust and debris is your floor’s greatest enemy. Vacuum or sweep your floors at least twice a week or everyday if possible. Use pH neutral floor cleaners or homemade solutions to wipe away any stubborn stains. And don’t let any stain stay if you spill something. Try to avoid any products that boast floor shine qualities. Such products contain additives which can end up creating a substance build-up on your floors.

Buy from the Pros

If you’re thinking about getting some new hardwood floors, or even repairing your old ones, contact the pros, rather than an amateur who’s offering cheaper rates for their services. Hardwood floors are quite valuable for your home’s aesthetic and real estate value. You cannot risk your floors by hiring someone who might end up damaging it.

If you’re located in Austin, TX, contact Austin’s Floor Store for all your hardwood floor needs. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with exactly what they need, whether it’s a new hardwood floor installation and maintenance services. We give your floor the attention it deserves.

Visit one of our three stores in Cedar Park and Austin, TX and tell us what you need. Our experts are at your service!

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