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Carpet Flooring

Mind And Mood Benefits Of Carpeting In Your Home

Your home is supposed to be this happy place where you escape from the noise and nuisance of the outside world. And if your home becomes a disruptive domain too, you’re not leading a healthy lifestyle.

Quiet, Please!

From clacks of slippers and heels, to the echoing bangs that result when someone drops something, the floor can be a medium for a myriad of disruptive sounds.

The result: damage to your health.

Survey shows that a number of mental health complaints are related to annoyance caused by floor impact noise.

In addition to reducing mental peace, overexposure to unpleasant background noise in dwellings can also lead to high blood pressure. Since sound waves are reflected by flat or plane surfaces, the overall noise increases further if you are living in an environment where sounds can be heard from all sides, such as a multi-story building. You may have trouble sleeping, which adds to the existing physical health consequences.

Need to make your home a more peaceful environment to live in? Take a good look at your floors. Finding a solution for the noises associated with your floors is a good place to start the renovation for peace of mind. If you are working from home, as an increasing number of people now do, eliminating floor noises can improve productivity.

Carpets: They’ll Do The Trick

Carpets not only help minimize floor impact noise, but actually absorb sound. The fibers that make up this floor covering have natural capability of trapping air, enabling it to consume sound waves—unlike stone or wood, which reflects them.

By carpeting your floors, you may be able to eliminate walking sounds and noises from other sources by up to 80 percent. This is especially helpful for people living in multi-story buildings and apartment complexes, where external noise levels are high.

Visit Austin’s Floor Store To Make Silence Easy

Making your floors as quiet as possible is all about high-quality carpeting, and we can help you in that area. Presenting a wide range of affordable carpets in beautiful styles, fabricated from soft and comfortable material and easy to maintain, we bring you one huge step closer to de-noising your home.

We offer carpet installation services in Austin and other flooring services in Cedar Park TX and surrounding regions in Texas. Reach out to us today for a winning choice!

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