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loft bedroom with hardwood flooring

Keeping Your Hardwood Floors Safe From Furniture


Hardwood floors in Austin TX with complementing or contrasting furniture—it’s an interior style that is in a league of its own. Whether we’re talking a minimalistic bedroom with neutral-toned furnishings and a subtle-toned hardwood floor, or a kitchen with dark hardwood and splashes of color in the counters and bar-stools, it all works to make an environment charming.

However, the relationship between hardwood floors and furniture can be as disastrous as it is beautiful if proper care is lacking. Nearly all types of furniture leave bumps and scratches on hardwood floors.

This relationship needs attention. There are many different ways to keep your hardwood floors safe from furniture. Take a look:

Lift It When You Move It

Do NOT drag your furniture around, no matter how small a distance you need cover before you set it in right spot. Whether you are moving furniture around in a new home or redecorating, you need to make sure that everything is lifted, not pushed or dragged.

It may be quicker to give that table a bump with your feet, but your nice hardwood floor finishing will get grazed. Opt for lifting to avoid this, and get some workout as an added benefit!

Rugs Are The Floor’s Best Friend

Furnishings like couches and beds typically stay put once placed, not placing anything underneath can work. On the other hand, furnishings like coffee tables and arm chairs—which you’ll shift occasionally to cater to convenience—may need to be placed on top of a rug in lieu of being placed directly on the hardwood floor.

It will make the floor a lot less susceptible to scratches and add to the décor.

Pad It All Up

How about a hardwood floor-protective solution that is basically equivalent to mini rugs on all the furniture? If you can’t add rugs, use furniture pads, particularly those for table, chair and armchair legs.

Also known as glider pads, these convenient additions are typically made of cork, felt or rubber. Furniture glider pads enable you to move furniture freely on your hardwood floors without fear of scratches.

Is It All Stable?

Cracks and breaks in your furniture may be another reasons why your hardwood floors are getting scuffed up, despite the fact that you are not dragging things around. Furniture shifts around when used, and if the legs have some wear and tear, your hardwood floors will be harmed.

Make sure the furniture you are placing on your hardwood floors is not damaged at the base. If yes, then consider a replacement, or add padding like suggested above.

You’re all ready to take care of your hardwood floors. Need new ones installed? Looking for Hardwood Floor Installers in Austin? At Austin’s Floor Store we offer high-quality hardwood flooring in Cedar Park TX. Reach out to us today for various flooring needs.

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