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Are Hardwood Floors Worth The Investment?

When investing in hardwood floor installation over other types of flooring, a number of questions come to mind. Of course there is the aspect of aesthetic appeal and whether hardwood will make a good choice given the requirements of the space in question. Another question that pops up is whether hardwood flooring adds value to your home in the long run.

What are we looking at?

Over the course of this blog, we’re going to explore how hardwood floors might or might not be a good investment for your home or office space. We’re going to get into certain deciding factors such as functionality and initial costs and other advantages and disadvantages of hardwood flooring.

Aesthetic Appeal

From an aesthetic standpoint, there is no questioning the fact that hardwood is indeed a good investment. Though synthetic and composite alternatives also look pretty great, there is something to be said about the aesthetic appeal of a genuine hardwood floor! With regard to class and aesthetic, hardwood is totally worth it.

Installation and Longevity

Though installation of hardwood can be time consuming and costly, this tends to balance out. The reason for this is that hardwood flooring can last a very long time if cared for in the right way. You will likely require less extensive overhauls and replacement and that will save you a lot of money in the long run. This being said, some might find other alternatives such as laminate more feasible in this respect.


There is much debate with regard to the resale value of hardwood flooring as well as its effect on the overall value of a home or space. Though there are some that argue that there is no clear evidence that hardwood flooring increases the value of a home we tend to disagree.

If maintained the right way, hardwood flooring can definitely be a highlight that helps up the price of your residence or office space with regard to resale. Furthermore, the wood itself holds value so even if you plan on tearing down the house, you do get a portion of that cost back!

How to decide

Deciding whether hardwood flooring is a viable investment or not really boils down to how and for how long you plan to use it. What we can say is:

  • Hardwood flooring is a good investment for a permanent home
  • Hardwood flooring is a good investment if you have the resources to care for it
  • Hardwood flooring is not advisable if you are renting a space
  • Hardwood flooring might help with resale but again that is debatable


As you can see, hardwood flooring in Austin could be a brilliant investment depending on your personal situation, needs and requirements. If you’re looking for a hardwood flooring in Austin TX area, we have you covered! Visit our web page for more details and check out the flooring options we offer!