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Living Room Remodeling Flooring Austin Area

How to Decide on a Flooring Option

Regardless of whether you are building a new home or renovating an old one, deciding on the right flooring option is a tricky yet important choice. A floor can make or break the aesthetic of your home.

Each homeowner has his/her own idea of the ‘best’ flooring material and which of the different types are better. One thing that is missed out on here is that we all have different needs, wants and financial limitations.

What makes a good floor?

Well, simply put, a good floor is one you are able to keep clean, maintain and use without worry or stress. It should also blend with the rest of your home’s aesthetics and be able to keep up with whatever wear and tear is required of it!

How to Decide?

When figuring out a viable flooring option, here are some things you could take into account to help inform your decision!

Usage and Wear

One thing that is important to take into account when deciding on the right material for your flooring is usage and wear. Different materials serve different purposes and some better than others.

Stone, tile and laminate flooring are usually useful options for high traffic areas. On the flip side, vinyl is preferred where there are children or pets as it is easy to clean. Carpeting is also a good option if there are children in the mix as it is soft and might prevent injury.

Understanding your usage needs and pitting them against material characteristics is very important when deciding on a floor.


Naturally, usage will vary depending on where your floor is located. Flooring on bathrooms and kitchens should preferably be done with materials that do not stain easily due to water and other spillage.

Bedrooms and living rooms on the other hand could do with the aesthetic spruce of hardwood or carpeting. Laminate flooring is a good all rounder.


The climate in which you live plays a part in your flooring decisions. Stone and tile are more suited for hotter climates as they maintain cooler temperatures with a bit of shade. Alternatively if you live in a colder region or wish to conserve heat in a particular space, carpeting, vinyl and hardwood are likely better options.


What is the general theme in your house? What kinds of furniture do you own? What do the walls look like? Most of all, does your chosen floor type complement its surroundings or not? Though other factors are extremely important, let’s face it; aesthetics do come into play!


How much are you willing to spend on your maintenance? Do your lifestyle permit regular cleaning or would you rather something quick and easy to manage?

Are you looking to invest in something once and then lay low for a while or are you okay with frequent servicing and renovation? Depending on your answers to these questions, pick a floor material that suits your needs.


Last but not least is cost. Does the floor of your dreams fall within your budget? If not, is there a second option that might be just as viable and cost less? If cost were not an issue, there is no limit to what we could get into when it comes to flooring. Unfortunately, for most of us, cost is a crucial deciding factor that must be taken into account!


As you can see, there is no one ideal floor. In truth, different materials are ideal for different types of usage. If you sit back and ask yourself the questions above, you will likely have a very clear sense of the kind of flooring you wish to invest in! If you’re looking for a floor shop in the Austin area, come on over and let us sort you out! We’re a well known company that provides reliable carpet, stone, vinyl, laminate flooring services in Austin and hardwood floor installation services among others.

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