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pristine living space with ceramic tile floors

An Interior Designer’s Guide to Stone and Tile Floors

An Interior Designer’s Guide to Stone and Tile Floors

Beautiful, affordable and very durable; tiles and stones are two of the most popular choices in flooring options, especially for those who want to give their home a certain style and aesthetic.

Learning about Stone and Tile Floors

There are numerous options to choose from with tiles and stone floors. If you shop at Austin’s Floor Store, you’ll have ceramic tiles, stone, and porcelain tiles to choose from. Each of these is supplied to us by well-known and respected vendors in the interior décor industry, such as American Tile, Interceramic and Marazzi among others.

Here, you’ll have to make your choice based on:

  • Wear and durability
  • Material
  • Patterns
  • Length
  • Brand
  • Current flooring trends

Durability and Wear

Stone and tile are two of the toughest flooring options out there. If you’re considering ceramic tiles, you’ll need to find out what grade they are. The higher the grade, the more resistant they’ll be to chips and scratches. Higher grade tiles such as Grade III and Grade IV are much better suited for commercial spaces. Residential spaces can make do with lesser grade tiles.

As for stone, their thickness will need to be taken into account. Generally speaking, marble is the more popular choice for spaces that don’t get a lot of foot traffic since it’s not as strong as granite or slate. If you want to use stone is an area with heavy traffic, the latter two choices would work fine. As for durability, both last for decades, even longer if you take good care of them.

Length, Material and Patterns

Ceramic tiles are available in a huge variety of patterns, designs, colors and sizes so you will be spoilt for choice. You’ll have a choice from one-inch tiles to 24-inch tiles, interlocking and square shapes and custom tiles services as well.

With stone though, you’ll have a certain variety, but you’ll have to make sure you’ve calculated how much you’ll need. Stone flooring is extracted from solid stone slabs. Those stones are then hewn into shape and can range from 12 inch to 30 inch squares. Their shades would vary, but that’s natural since they’re slabs taken from natural stone.

Installing Quality Brand Stone and Tile Flooring

At Austin’s Floor Store, we stock the latest styles in flooring, and deal with leading flooring manufacturers so our clients get just what they need.

As a leading name in flooring in Austin, we strive to give our customers their money’s worth. If you want to view your options in stone and tiles, or any other flooring option, come on down to any of our three flooring stores in Austin and Cedar Park!

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  1. I found it interesting when you said that different patterns and sizes are available when choosing ceramic tiles. Yesterday, my cousin told me that he was hoping to find ceramic tiles service that offers elegance for their living room, and he asked if I had any idea what would be the best option to consider. Thanks to this helpful article, I’ll be sure to tell him that it will be much better if they consult a trusted ceramic tiles service as they can provide more information about the tiles they offer.

  2. Thank you for explaining that the tile will be more resistant to chipping if the grade is higher. My sister wants to add tile to her home and has been wondering what she should look for. I’ll share this with her so she can get something that’s going to be durable.