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5 Great Tips for Selecting the Right Carpet Color for Your Home

When it comes to choosing the right carpets, you have quite a few decisions to make. From its style to the fabric type, choosing the right carpet can be quite a hassle.

You might want to start off by choosing the right color for your carpet. However, this can prove to be quite tricky. It is very difficult to visualize through a tiny swatch how the carpet will look in your room.

We at Austin’s Floor Store have tried to help by providing a few tips to choose the right carpet color for your room. Read on:

Consider the Light and Shadows in the Room

First up, you should look at the intensity of sunlight in your room. Sunlight has a great impact on how your carpet’s color is perceived. For instance, when the sun is low on the horizon, it can cast a warm, yellow shadow. On the other hand, as the day progresses, sunlight will throw a cooler, bluish cast.

Make sure you understand where the natural light comes in your room and where it casts shadows. Also, do not forget artificial lighting.

Study the Latest Color Trends

It is very important that you stay knowledgeable with the current carpet color trends. For instance, in the past, beiges in all forms were the in-thing. However, recently, grays might be taking over that role.

You might opt for a neutral scheme or you might want to go for Berber flecks.

Consider the Color Schemes in the Room

When choosing color of your carpet, it is very important that you look at the look and feel of the entire room.

From walls and tiles to furniture and artwork, you want a carpet color that blends in nicely with the room.

Consider the Purpose of the Room

Use of the room is also a crucial consideration when deciding on the carpet’s color. For instance, family rooms and playrooms are used extensively and have high foot traffic. In these rooms, darker tones might be a better option.

If you are looking to create a relaxed vibe, like in the bed room or sitting area, you might go for neutral colors.

Be Creative

Finally, make sure that the color you choose represents your personal style and taste. You might like a bold vibe with solid colors or you might be looking for a plain, rustic look. Be yourself when choosing your carpet’s color.

With a team of savvy carpet installation specialists, Austin’s Floor Store offers high-quality carpet installation in Cedar Park TX. From helping you choose carpet’s color and style to providing décor-related advice, the company’s professionals have many solutions for homeowners.

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